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Affordable dental implants

Welcome to - quite possibly - the world's most affordable dental implants. We offer world-class services in dental implantology at unbelievable savings compared to the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world - while utilizing the exact same line of materials, brands, and procedures. We're able to offer our patients these dramatic savings thanks to exchange rate advantages and much lower operational costs in our country.

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So what are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium-made screws that the implantologist introduces in the patient's jaw bone in place of a missing tooth. This screw acts as a tooth's root, and a crown is eventually placed over the implant's head to complete the missing tooth replacement.

This tooth replacement allows the patient to chew normally, and reverses and prevents a large number of complications related to a missing tooth piece. All this in addition to the large self-confidence improvement that comes from no longer having a missing tooth.

A very comprehensive article about dental implants, their history, evolution, importance, and effects is available here.

What does the procedure involve and does it hurt?

The procedure is very simple and practically painless. Anesthetics are used in the whole area where the implant will be introduced, and most patients feel no pain at all.

Once the anesthetics have kicked in, a small incision is made and the implant area is prepared. Then, the implant is removed from its sterile packaging and is immediately screwed into place utilizing a special precision tool. Once the implant is introduced, the incision is closed with one or two stitches and done. The whole process takes 30-60 minutes per implant.

Recovery time?

There can be minor inflammation and discomfort for up to five days after the surgery. These symptoms are easily managed with simple pain medication and anti-inflamatories. Most patients, however, are free of all discomfort within 24 hours.

Three to six months after the surgery, the implant has fully integrated to the bone and the implantologist is able to install the crown over the implant to complete the work.

What brands are used?

We use the world's top brands for all our procedures, including dental implants. For the implants we work with BNX™ (Italy) and with Lifecore Biomedical™ (USA). For all our crowns we use products from Ivoclar-Vivadent™ exclusively.